Fret Bevelling

Our Fret Bevel Files have precision made Diamond Files which allow it to be guided along the fretboard with the file cutting an accurate bevel on the fret ends.

The tools provide an efficient and easy to use solution to getting the fret ends cleanly cut to a specific angle.   They have changeable Files so long or short files of different grits can be installed.

The handles and base are made of low friction polymer, which is bevelled at the ends. This base makes it easy to pass over the fret tops without bumping or damage. The main advantage of using a Bevel File is that a really consistent professional job is achieved where all the fret ends are at the same angle.

​The cutting file is a fine grit diamond file which leaves a good finish and all that is needed is the final light sanding to remove any scratches or uncomfortable edges and finally a polish.


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