45 Degree Diamond Fret Bevel File

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This is a diamond file mounted in a holder which allows it to be guided along the fretboard with the file cutting an accurate bevel on the fret ends.

The handle is constructed from very low friction, high-grade engineering polymer.
These files last for many fretboards and are equally long lasting on stainless frets and normal nickel silver frets.

• 45 degrees Angled Bevel File
• 150mm File Length
• Fine Grit Diamond File Fitted

The tool provides an efficient and easy to use solution to getting the fret ends cleanly cut to a specific angle. We have experimented with many designs for these and have come up with this solution which has the following main features:
• For beveling the fret end the file is set at 45 degrees.
• Very comfortable to hold file.
• The file protrudes from the holder so you can see how the cut is progressing.
• Changeable Files. Long or short files of different grits can be installed.
• Smooth base made of low friction polymer, with bevelled at the ends. This base makes it easy to pass over the fret tops without bumping or damage.
• The bevel file is a fine grit diamond file which leaves a good finish - see the closeup photo - and all that is needed is the final light sanding to remove any scratches or uncomfortable edges and finally a polish - and the job's done.
• Robust construction from highest grade engineering polymer and professional quality diamond file.
• Suitable for Stainless Steel frets.

Fret Beveling in General.
The main advantage of using a Bevel File is that a really consistent professional job is achieved where all the fret ends are at the same angle. This main point about bevelling is to make sure there are no sharp edges or uncomfortable fret ends which hamper playing. If a fret end is too long then it disturbs the feel of the neck as the player moves around the fretboard; if the fret end angle is too shallow then the string can easily start to slip off the end of the fret.
It is also surprising just how much of the fretboard space is used up by the bevels - a 45 degree bevel will use about 1mm of the fret wire and so reduce a 43mm neck to 41mm playable width.

We sell many different angled bevel files please see our Fret Bevelling Category

FREE With This Item
• Advice Sheet on use of this tool
• A comprehensive guide to fret replacement

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Length 150mm File Length
File Diamond File set at 45 Degree Angle
File Grit Fine
Handle Low Friction High Engineering Grade Polymer

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