About Us

We design and make guitar tools and parts in a dedicated workshop. Manufacturing methods include traditional hand crafting and digitally controlled machining. Parts design is geared to obtain best tone quality and playability.  All items are hand finished and quality checked

I have geared the design of our tools so that they are comfortable to use and economic to produce, and use the full advantages of many years of hand tool design and production. One of our specialist areas is guitar tools using diamond abrasion. Diamond is the hardest known substance known and our surfaces are many little diamonds embedded in a surface plating. This means that as the surface wears new diamonds are exposed. They are equally long lasting on stainless frets and normal nickel silver frets. WIth diamond abrasion surface, when in use the file stays on the fret very well and there's no chatter

I design parts with a scientific view of what it needs to do on the guitar and how can it be optimised. I strive to finish parts to the highest precision but also to make sure the buyer can reasonably tailor the part to get the best fit.

No guitar has to be a bad guitar !
With the right treatment and adjustment and a few new parts, even the most awful sounding guitar can be made to give a beautiful tone. Admittedly the more expensive the instrument the wider its range of tones, the wider its difference between loud and soft, the better its feel across all the frets. But, even the cheapest guitar can make a passionate and expressive tune in the right hands.


I began making parts in 1972 when I found the saddle on my first guitar (a 'BM Espana') and began to get grooves worn into it. I had tuition for many years and avidly practiced every day. For the first few years I played only classical guitar and then, turning 18, I began to take an interest in Blues and later I took up the electric guitar. I always had guitars in bits and made whatever parts I needed.

My main occupation up until early 2000 was as an experimental physicist building space instrumentation - and so I gained plenty of experience in dealing with the design and manufacture of one-off items. My business has combined my scientific and music skills into one and, over the last few years, a dedicated workshop for guitar tools and parts production has been built up. 

It is our aim to supply a broad range of guitar parts and tools, supported with full instructions, to allow the guitarist to get the most out of their instrument, whether they have spent the cost of a new car on it or found it for a fiver in a charity shop!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page