Fret Dressing File with Beech Handle

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Fret Dressing File. A tapered diamond file with all edges ground. Beech handle which has Angle Raised To About 20 Degrees from Horizontal.

The design of this file makes it ideal for :
1. To dress the ends of the frets, which is to just slightly round off the corner between the rounded fret top and the angled bevel. The small profile and the carefully ground edges of this file means the file can get right into the corners where the fret beveled end meets the fretboard side.
2. Remove some fret height when an individual fret is found to be too high.
3. As the file can be angled along the side of a fret, it can shape the rounded crown of a fret.
(A curved Fret Crowning File is the most efficient method for crowning click here to see our curved Fret Crowning Files)

The file is a fine grit diamond file that has been:
1. Ground around all the edges so the abrasive diamond surface of the file only contacts the fret and nothing else.
2. Tapered from 8mm wide near the handle to 4mm near the end to give the best access and visibility of the file contacting the fret.
3. The file handle is angled up at about 20 degrees which means your hand can clear the fretboard easily and not obstruct your work.

As this is a diamond file, it cuts equally well when moving forwards OR backwards which makes it a very versatile tool, with no chatter, and a scratch-free surface is always produced. The excellent finish that results means there is minimal fret polishing, which saves time and minimises any further abrasion.

FREE With This Item
We believe when you receive one of our tools you should be able to use it straight away. So, we include the following EXTRA items for FREE to allow this to happen :

• A Fretboard Protector strip to protect your fretboard. We make our own strips using SPRING STEEL which means they SPRING back to their original shape.
• A set of sandpaper strips of grits: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500,2000, 2500 to finish your fret.
• Advice sheet on use of this tool - and you can always contact us with any queries.
• A free comprehensive guide to fret replacement written by Chris Alsop.

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