3 Diamond Guitar Tools. Fret Shapers, Wooden Handles.

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3 Diamond Tools For Fret Shaping  with Wooden Handles include

All the tools have a wooden handle bonded to the diamond file. These files last for many fretboards: diamond is the hardest known substance known and many little diamonds are embedded in a surface plating. As the surface wears new diamonds are exposed. They are equally long-lasting on stainless frets and normal nickel silver frets. 

The Fine Diamond files - which consist of a coating of industrial diamonds embedded in a flat metal surface - give an extremely smooth finish and also have the advantage that they cut equally well in any direction of travel. This allows a back and forth motion to concentrate the abrasion on a particular area and keep the file always in contact with the fret, which helps achieve better accuracy of cut.

The bevel file is a diamond file bonded to a handle which allows it to be guided along the fretboard with the file cutting an accurate bevel on the fret ends. The handle is constructed from European Spalted Beech Hardwood and the base, the surface which glides along the fretboard, is made of very low friction, high-grade engineering polymer.

The fret leveller is a diamond file permanently bonded to an oak handle. It is designed to be guided along the fretboard with the file cutting a level onto the tops, or crown, of the frets. The file protrudes from the holder so you can see how the cut is progressing by looking directly down at the cutting face where it meets the fret. The file is a fine grit file 150mm long, which is ideal for levelling frets over large sections of the fretboard and will last well. 

The diamond fret crowning file has a concave profile and is mounted in a shaped oak handle. The diamond file itself is 2.5mm wide by about 35mm long and is concave to match the fret profile - when in use the file stays on the fret very well, and there's no chatter. Frets need to be rounded to remove the flat tops after levelling, or when you dress frets to remove wear grooves. A rounded fret top is best achieved by using a rounded file! 

Please note that as these handles are made from natural products there may be variation in the wood colour, some due to spalting which gives patterns in the wood.

Also included With This Bundle
• A comprehensive guide to fret replacement
• Advice sheets on the usage of each tool
• A set of sandpaper strips of grits: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500,2000, 2500. (see photo)
• Spring Steel Fretboard Protector strip to protect your fretboard.

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Length Bevel & Leveller Diamond Files: 150mm
File Diamond File
Handle Bevel File : Beech; Leveller and Crowning file : Oak

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