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Buyer: C.S, UK, March 2021

I just wanted to thank you for the order. I had one high fret on my guitar and with everything in lockdown decided to “have a go” myself. After a fair bit of research I found your website and ordered a recrowning file. For my purposes, your package fulfilled all my requirements. Service was excellent and the quality of the tool excellent. And I am delighted to say the guitar now plays spot on.
Diamond Fret Crowning File (TF081)


Buyer: C.J, Spain, September 2020

Tools are packed and explained unbelievably well; a truly professional job, amazing
Crowning File (TF081), Dressing File (TF024), Polishing Kit (TA001), Acoustic and Electric Action Gauges (TA003, TA006)


Buyer: M.C, Denmark, August 2020

I have bought a saddle for my classical guitar. Chris Alsop Guitar shop has been very efficient and sent me thorough technical information that greatly helped me to place my order on line. They delivered the saddle from the UK to Denmark in less than one week. The saddle is of high quality, fitted perfectly and the package included a lot of useful material e.g., sandpaper, further information how to fix hte saddle etc. I am very positively impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the service and I would recommend it to anyone.
Best Wishes. Marco (29-08-2020, Aarhus, Denmark).
Classical Bone Guitar Saddle With Modelling. PS096


Buyer: R.M, UK, November 2019

Hi Guys.
Feel I must share the positive experience I’m having with my new Diamond Fret Crowning File; TF081.
It really is a great piece of kit. Cuts like butter and smoother now I’ve done few jobs. Very ergonomic handle allows perfect control and comfort: love the fact that it’s symmetrical thus suiting my left-handedness.
Perfect length for minimal skewing and allows easy upper fret and tighter access work.
The diamond file ability to cut in both directions speeds things up and allows for more predictable and even removal of material. I’m spending less time reviewing my cutting progress the more I use it as I learn to trust the tool giving the right results.
The accompanying file cleaner, guard and polishing papers were very much appreciated and form a great all in one crowning and polishing set.
I only wish I’d discovered you sooner. My crowning process has never been quicker with a more accurate and better result all round.
Special mention to you’re excellent sales process. Great communication and well packaged, prompt delivery.
Will be in touch soon.
Regards. Rico. LotusGuitars
Diamond Fret Crowning File with Black Handle. TF081


Buyer: S.S., UK, July 2019

I've bought a number of tools from Chris Alsop, all of them are functional and effective for their purpose. The cutting tools are very comfortable in the hand.
Everything has been well packaged and delivered in a timely manner.
Chris Alsop Guitar will be first stop when I require tools in future.
Fret Crowning File with 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm Diamond Files. TF084


Buyer: S.B, UK, June 2019

Thank you very much for the file, neck rest and sandpapers. All excellent materials and delivered in minimum time. They have enabled me to correct the 2 flat topped frets on my guitar and, along with some Scotchbrite, to return them to a mirror shine.
Brilliant service. I shall use you again and will recommend you to others.
Diamond Fret Crowning File AND Neck Rest. TF053


Buyer: R.C, UK, June 2019

I have the bone saddle you sent to me now fitted to my spruce topped Seagull guitar. It has been many hours of measuring, adjusting the neck relief, the nut slot heights and shaping the new saddle but I've got a nice set-up now for bluegrass flatpicking. The bone nut has tamed a somewhat bright guitar compared to the factory fitted tusq nut, which is exactly the result I was after. The saddle you supplied was a great starting point and saved me hours of work (and mistakes!) had I started from a bone blank.
Thanks for a great service,
PS - I have one of your fret edging tools that I've used to build about 40 student mountain dulcimers so far! ,
Seagull Style Bone Guitar Saddle PS007; Dual Angle Bevel File with Diamond File TF014


Buyer: R.D, UK, June 2019

Good Afternoon,Just a wee note to thank you for your excellent service. All the parts I ordered arrived just over an hour ago.
Would highly recommend.Thank you again.
Best regards
Diamond Fret Crowning File TF081; Neck Rest TA005; Set of 5 Fretboard Protectors TF021; Fret Cutters TF002; Fret Pullers TF001;


Buyer: M.R, UK, May 2019

Hey there Chris. Ordered this item from you 171274398133. Want to say thanks so much, it arrived a week early and its very professionally done. Will be using you again if i need to
thanks and take care buddy
1 Part Takamine G-Series Bone Saddle PS009;


Buyer: P.H, UK, May 2019

Hi Chris, Just wanted to say thanks for the extremely quick delivery and the instructions sheets and the included bits and bobs to help with the fret filing process.
Im sure I will be making further purchases from you in the future
Additional File for Diamond Fret Crowning File (2.5mm) TF082


Buyer: P.K, UK, May 2019

Hi Chris, Just to say a big thanks for the bone nut. Arrived a lot earlier than I expected.
A lot of detailed fitting instructions to read through, but I’ll have plenty of time over the Christmas holiday. Many thanks
12 String Guitar Bone Nut PN004


Buyer: R.R, USA, April 2019

Chris; Just received my G series bridge for my takimine and I must say how impressed I am . Your packaging and instructions and everything was amazing. I installed and all is good. I am now at about 2mm at he 12th fret which as I understand is good. I did find 2 shims under the aluminum track to which I removed one from each of the two part system. I’m thinking I may order another bridge at .50 below in the near future from you…..
I found you on a internet search for takimine parts and even thought your all the way “across the pond” I must say I’m impressed. Thanks so much “cheers"
2 Part Takamine G-Series Bone Saddle. PS011.


Buyer: S.H, UK, April 2019

Excellent work - turned up today - made short work of getting decent crown on the frets.
Before I started there was about 1mm flat on most of the frets - so much so I really though it was "by design" - all my other guitars are domed - this one just seem doomed :-) but I thought "maybe thats 'standard' on a standard?)
There (is) was an issue with 2nd fret being too low now on high e string side - all the other crowns are allowing the string to ring like a bell - just like they should!
However, when I tentatively tuned all strings back to pitch (I still need to do the sanding and polishing) this seem to have cured itself.
Summary - excellent tool - just in time for some serious guitar work over Easter break
Guitar Fret Crowning and Leveller Diamond Files with Oak Handles TF028


Buyer: N.S, UK, March 2019

I required zero tapered bridge pins for my LAG acoustic guitar as the bridge holes are non-tapered. This meant using tapered pins the ball end would rise up inside the bridge plate and eventually cause the plate to crack. On searching the internet and reading various forums there's an large number of guitar players out there with the same issue but no one sells or makes zero tapered pins except...Chris. The pins he made are of exceptional quality and fit perfectly. Thank you Chris.
Custom Made Guitar Bridge Pins. PP009.


Buyer: L.M, UK, March 2019

Hi Sharon , arrived this morning, fitted n sounds fantastic . Top notch as usual.
Bone Guitar Saddle Copy with Modifications PS040


Buyer: A.S, UK, March 2019

Hi Sharon / Chris. I received the saddle today thank you and I have to say that after some trimming to fit the improvement to my Crafter acoutisic is outstanding. Best £20 I've spent on a guitar, I can't put the thing down it sounds so much better. Excellent service. Thanks
Bone Guitar Saddle You state Length,Width, Height,Radius&Action Change PS023


Buyer: Paul. E, Australia, March 2019

Chris assisted me with a complete set of tools required to re-work a sub-standard professional fret job on an electric guitar fitted with stainless steel frets. The tools arrived promptly, were packaged with great care, and included a full set of instructions and hex keys to assist with their intended use. It is obvious that Chris takes great pride in what he does, and each of the multiple tools I purchased are first class in their construction. I would not hesitate to deal with Chris again, and being on the other side of the world poised no issues whatsoever.
Diamond Fretting tools for fret bevelling, levelling and crowning.


Buyer: G.N, UK, March 2019

Arrived in a flash. And fitted perfectly at the first go too! Many thanks for the very fine work, as ever.
Custom made bone guitar saddle PS003


Buyer: Jim, UK, Jan 2019

Fantastic product, brilliant design, quality, price and service. Very many thanks.
Electric Guitar Action Gauge TA006


Buyer: HB, UK, Jan 2019

Hi Chris, Job done and very easy! Just a bit sanding on the width and a polish and in it went....loads of punch and sounds great! Here it is in my guitar which is a Jose Antonio Villalba... I was very lucky to get it as they are hard to come by.... The original saddle made the action far to low for me so I increased the height on the one you made to give 2.8 mm at the 12th fret and Ole! I’ll get around to have new saddles for my other guitars eventually! Best,.
Custom Made Classical Guitar Bone Saddle. PS006


Buyer: Ronald, Scotland, Dec 2018

Hi Chris,Just received my order of fret wire etc.,what service! Tools look good too, carefully packed, advice and a few extra frets, lovely touch. I don’t look on eBay often so found your company by chance. Got your information saved now so I’ll buy direct in future. I’m an old ex boat builder who can’t sit and do nothing. I was looking for something to build that would be a bit easier on the old bones so decided to build a guitar. It is proving to be the perfect pursuit as I’ve been playing guitar for awhile now. Although I’ve still got a full workshop the guitar requires so many special jigs and tools I’m making many myself but sometimes when I see tools like yours I’ve got to have them! Your website is great, been listening to you playing, Fingerstyle like me, very nice. Thanks again,
Fret wire PF001, Fret Cutters TF002, Diamond Fret Levelling File TF020


Buyer: G.R., Germany, Nov 2018

Yesterday your very nice package arrived sound and safe. Superb work – the nut fits perfectly on a 1978 tama guitar. Spring spacing is now plus 2 mm – great for my fingers. Sound is clearer – great for my ears. The saddle needs a little bit more of sanding that will be done with the next new set of strings.
Thank you very very much for your superb service.
Custom Martin Style Bone Saddle PS015, Custom Made Bone NUt, PN001


Buyer: Colin, UK, Nov 2018

I am the very happy user of an original Guitar String action gauge (over 3 years, many set-ups and several builds now) but many of my clients prefer their acoustic guitars to have treble actions set at less than 1.3mm (typically around 1.1-1.2mm). I recently had to say to a very happy client that I couldn't tell him what exactly the action was on the treble side because it was too low for me to measure accurately, and was toying with the idea of requesting Chris to make a custom one for me starting around 0.9mm. I was very happy to find he now offers the Electric Guitar String Action Gauge. Nice one Chris
Electric Guitar Action Gauge TA006


Buyer: Tony, UK, Nov 2018

Hi Chris, Ordered the diamond fret crowning file last week. Arrived the next working day (and free postage too!). Quality is exceptional for the price - nice to see some proper engineering!! And the freebie abrasives, cleaner and fret shield make it almost too good to be true. I decided to have a go at levelling and crowning the frets on an old USA strat. Used 600 grit paper, and double-sided tape on a decent aluminium spirit level. Marked the frets with sharpie and it appeared to level the frets perfectly. But I started to get a bit scared trying to crown the frets with a file!! Probably not the best guitar to practice on - so I ordered the proper tool. I can’t believe how easy it made it (i.e. to leave a fine line of sharpie at the crown of the frets). I’ve yet to do the final polishing, etc, but the tool has made the potentially fretboard-ruining bit an absolute breeze. I was wondering whether to have a go at another couple of (quite expensive!) guitars and now have no worries. I don’t usually do reviews but I have been genuinely impressed by your service/products/prices. Many thanks - and I’m sure I’ll be doing more business with you.
Diamond Fret Crowning File System TF088


Buyer: Ben W., UK, Jun 2018

Chris made a stepped saddle for me to be able to convert my late fathers old Hagstrom classical from right to left handed. I wanted the option of converting back to right handed if need be and not re-routing the bridge. I gave Chris a drawing and he was able to work out the reverse angles needed and emailed back a detailed accurate drawing of how the new bone saddle would be able to fit into the same saddle route in the bridge, yet be stepped and reversed. Complicated! The new saddle arrived in the post and it pushed into the saddle slot perfectly. The guitar now plays beautifully left handed with perfect intonation up the neck.
I am 110% satisfied, great work thank you!
Custom Made Saddle. Right to left conversion saddle, made to designs on drawings sent PS099


Buyer: Stephen W., UK, Feb 2018

I just received the 35 and 90 degree fret bevelling tool. Thank you, it’s absolutely superb. beautifully made, great design and excellent instructions.
I will definitely be buying more of your stuff.
Diamond Dual Angle Fret ENd Bevel File. TF014


Buyer: A.E, Jul 2017

Bought a crowning tool on eBay, and just wanted to thank you. It’s excellent. Fits the hand well, cuts in both directions, perfect size for a Fender sized fret.
I’ll know where to come now for anything else I need.Thanks again.
DIamond Fret Crowning File, TF081


Buyer: almerasooty, eBay Oct 2015

Hi Chris, Just to let you know the saddle was perfect - just some minimal sanding at the ends and it fits the slot perfectly. The original was a bit too thin for the slot. Good DVD guide and a great package with the various sanding materials. Very efficient and prompt service. You were recommended by members of the Acoustic Soundboard forum and I've added my recommendation there. Acoustic sound is fine - and bone for the saddle is obviously better than plastic. As I anticipated the better fit and having the bottom of the saddle at 90 degrees to the side gives better contact with the piezo and a better balanced string volume - so a benefit to both acoustic and amplified sound. Thank you
Custom Made Bone Guitar Saddle


Buyer: C. Wilkins, USA Sept 2015

I just used the Fret Crowning Diamond File With Beech Handle for the first time on the frets of my 30 year old Yamaha classical. This tool was a pleasure to use. I experienced zero chatter. The material removal was precise and consistent with each fret. Highly recommended. Very high quality!
I also just used the English Hardwood Guitar Neck Rest with my 30 year old Yamaha classical for the fret and fret board job. This support fixture assisted with allowing me to properly support the neck during use of a fret hammer for seating a few frets, complete fret leveling, fret crowning, fret polishing, as well as fret board cleaning. Also highly recommended and very high quality. In fact, this neck rest is the best I have seen for classical guitar.
During fret leveling, I was able to make good use of the Miniature Spare File. This file is perfect with regards to size and to its grit for addressing high spots on individual frets. It even came with a file cleaner which works surprisingly well.
Last but not least, I was very impressed by the overall presentation when the shipment arrived. Each item was packaged very well, but with the kind of style that reflects pride in one's work. To be specific, I noticed that the bags that the fret guards came in had paper backgrounds that share color with the Chris Alsop website along with their respective printed documentation of helpful suggestions for the use of the tools as well as their maintenance. And finally, it is worth mentioning that the items all came in reusable bags which are useful for tool storage.
I believe it to be rare to find this kind of quality at these prices these days.
I am 100% satisifed.
Thank you!
Charles and Linda Wilkins

Diamond Crowning File, Hardwood Guitar Neck Rest, Miniature Flat Diamond FIle


Reviews Before 2015
Buyer: D.D UK

Thought I would have a bash at DIY repair. Great service and attention to detail- beautifully hand made and built to last, reminds me of old Sheffield tools. Free stuff and instructions very helpful.
Fixed 3 high frets on an old TW8 recrowned the lot, plays like a dream. DD
Fret Crowning Diamond File With Beech Handle. TF080.
Buyer: K.G.V.S, Sri Lanka

Hi Chris, Today I received the saddle.I installed it. Now the action is very low. The saddle is almost the same level as the bridge. But the great thing is there is no buzz.and the Tone is amazing. It's more resonant now. What I wanted is the lowest possible action with good tone and your saddle is perfect for my choice. I'm totally satisfied with your product. You are amazing. Won't hesitate to have a business with you again. Cheers from Srilanka.
Takamine G-Series Bone Saddle. PS009
Buyer: S.B, UK

Chris, I fitted the lowered compensated saddle to my Martin D-35 and it is absolutely perfect. The action now is where I want it but the big improvements are in tone and intonation. The guitar sounds better than it has for 20 years or more and it is pretty much in tune right up the neck. Such a small component but what a big difference! ...You are "da man"! Thanks and regards.
Bone Saddle for Martin Guitar PS015
Buyer: J.P, UK

Just a note of thanks Chris - the saddle is now installed and has made a tremendous difference to intonation and thus to my enjoyment of my guitar. I wish I'd discovered you years ago! You provide an excellent service to those of us who know what we want from our guitar but don't know how to achieve it.
Bone Saddle for Classical Guitar. PS006
Buyer: M.S, UK

Chris is so knowledgeable about saddles it made the process so much easier. I had such confidence i had found the right person to make my saddle. I didn't want an off the shelf one that may or may not sort the problem, i wanted it hand made to spec and that is exactly what i got. You don't just get the saddle in a jiffy you get a whole kit of sandpapers etc to do the finer adjustments yourself, with full instructions on what to do you cant go wrong. I have a very expensive Taylor acoustic that had intonation problems and the adjusted saddle has sorted this out but improved the tone so much i was very surprised.
Top Quality, Top Bloke. great value for money.
Bone Guitar Saddle. PS040
Buyer: G.W, UK

Ordered this nut as part of a renovation of my 72' Telecaster. It was perfect, extremely happy with it and Will order from again. Through out the process I received pictures and graphs and was talked through the creation. Chris is an expert.
Bone Custom Guitar Nut. PN001
Buyer: D.R, UK

I have been delighted with the work that Chris has done for me. He has made bespoke bone nuts and saddles for several of my acoustic guitars and the improvement in tone and sustain is noticeable. He is reliable, his work is precise and he charges a fair price - highly recommended.
Bone Custom Guitar Saddle And Nut. PS004 & PN001
Buyer: M.S, UK

Chris is so knowledgeable about saddles it made the process so much easier. I had such confidence i had found the right person to make my saddle. I didn't want an off the shelf one that may or may not sort the problem, i wanted it hand made to spec and that is exactly what i got. You don't just get the saddle in a jiffy you get a whole kit of sandpapers etc to do the finer adjustments yourself, with full instructions on what to do you cant go wrong. I have a very expensive Taylor acoustic that had intonation problems and the adjusted saddle has sorted this out but improved the tone so much i was very surprised.
Top Quality, Top Bloke. great value for money.
Bone Guitar Saddle. PS023
Buyer: S, Germany

Just wanted to let you know I received the saddles yesterday and installed the over hanging saddle. Sounds fantastic...amazing sustain and tone. Thanks for all your help.
Extra Compensating Saddle and Diagonal Compensation Saddle. PS010 & PS001
Buyer: B.W, USA

Workmanship is superb, Chris pays attention to detail. I found him indirectly through ebay, and returned directly due to his great work. He has helped me get my old 1970 Silvertone guitar playing, and great tone for my Fender acoustic bass and the knock-off tone was improved greatly! Turnaround time is quick,
Thx from the USA and holding onto what it once was.
Custom Guitar Saddles.
Buyer: Z.P, Jersey

I had experienced problems with my Yamaha APX-7 electro-acoustic for some time after changing the bridge pickup. The action was all over the place. I found Chris' site on eBay and was advised installing a bone saddle, properly-designed, would make a big difference. Chris was extremely helpful in getting me sorted. I'm based in Jersey so sending the guitar away isn't an option. The guitar sounds better than ever. I would recommend Chris to anyone serious about their acoustic.
Custom Made Bone Guitar Saddle