Fret Pullers & Fret Cutters Set with Protector Strip

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This is a bundle of 2 Tools of Fret Pullers and Fret Cutters. Both tools have been precision ground to make them optimum for the task and have non-slip soft grip handles.

Fret Pullers
The fret pullers are hand ground, reshaping the ends which makes them really grip the frets and allows the user to control how they pull the fret out. Usually, it's best to ease it out little by little to avoid damaging the wood of the fretboard.
Pullers Features :
• These fret pullers are 110mm long - the same as most small pliers and end cutters.
• They are suitable for gripping in one hand. Our tests show that jaws (about 10mm across) allow a high pressure to be applied to the fret curved surface - and this means a very good grip is achieved allowing a controlled withdrawal of the fret. Fret pulling is a delicate operation and requires small, light and accurate tools that grip well.
• The whole process is reliable and controllable using this tool compared to using ordinary unmodified pliers - see the picture comparing the way in which the grip is achieved.

Fret Cutters
The design of the cutting edge has been optimised for withstanding harder fret materials such as stainless steel as well as the more common nickel alloy.
The jaws of these cutters are Chrome Vanadium which is more than adequate material to cut stainless steel frets. The force required is best achieved by taking full advantage of the 8 inch long handles and squeezing the jaws shut at the very ends of the handles. Cutters Features :
• Made from very hard tool steel
• 8" long handles with non slip grips
• Able to cut the hardest fret wire including stainless steel frets
• Hardened and Tempered Tool Steel

Our precision grinding of the cutting ends allows
• The cutters to be used very close to the fretboard. This minimizes the amount of fret left that has to be filed.
• The point at which the cut is going to occur to be visible before committing to the cut

Fretboard protector
The fretboard protector strip is made of Spring Steel Fretboard Protector strip and is only 0.1mm thick, which is ultra-thin for strips, so allows maximum access to the frets. Its main property is that it will ALWAYS RETURN TO A FLAT SHAPE. Other metals will become bent and puckered with use resulting in a strip that prevents you from having a smooth surface to work with. Being made of Spring Steel our strips ALWAYS SPRING BACK TO ORIGINAL SHAPE.

Included With This Item
• Advice sheet on tool usage
• A comprehensive guide to fret replacement by Chris Alsop

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Length The Pullers are 110mm long. The Cutters are 200mm long
Handle Soft grip, non-slip

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