Electric Guitar String Action Gauge

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The most reliable way of measuring the action of a guitar is to compare the height of the string to something of known height which is also sitting on the frets. This aluminium action gauge allows you to do this visually without touching the string or the gauge.

This gauge is intended for use on Electric Guitars.

We also sell action gauges for Steel Strung Acoustic guitars and Classical Guitars - please see the Action Gauge section.

Light passing through (transmitted light) the little gap below the string and above the gauge lets you accurately determine which step on the gauge is the same height as the action - then you read of the action in mm from the gauge calibration.

Using transmitted light in this way gives a high level of optical contrast, and results in a sensitive and reproducible method of measuring such small distances.

The gauge is a thick aluminium sheet with steps milled in it that are 0.1mm lower each step. Each step is 5mm long. These steps provide a very accurate visual height reference that can be placed anywhere on the fretboard.

The action gauge is 4mm by 100mm and stepped in 0.1mm increments and comes in a wooden case.

A small handle has been milled on each end of the gauge so the gauge can be positioned by either hand when the guitar is in normal playing position.

Alternatively, with the guitar laid down horizontally, the gauge can rest on the guitar fretboard without to support it by hand - this means you can carefully and adjust the gauge position and carefully judge the action without having to hold anything in position. The main advantage of this is that you cannot possibly change the string position by accidentally touching it while trying to assess the action.

12th Fret Action
A typical use is to place the gauge behind the low E string at the 12th fret and slide the gauge along so its height matches the string height then you have a direct measurement of the action at the 12th fret. For electric guitar, the action at 12th fret is typically 2.0mm for low E and 1.6mm for high e.

This gauge covers these regions of height in 0.1mm steps and so offers a very precise way of assessing the action.

The total range of the gauge is 0.9mm to 2.5mm, allowing for a very low action to be measured and set.

• An advice sheet for the gauge usage
• A calibration table for the gauge
• A comprehensive guide to fret replacement

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