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Extra Large Saddle Copy in Bone

New large saddle manufactured to replace the saddle and holder. The new saddle was 14mm high and 5.5mm wide.
Length 80mm. Width 5.5mm. Height In Middle 14mm. Right Handed. No Compensation.
Saddle  2014-10-24  Id:354    

Price on Application

Tricone Resonator Guitar Bone Saddle

Extra high saddle made for Tricone Resonator guitar. The copy was based on the saddle that can be seen in the picture.
Length 66. Width 2.3mm. Height In Middle 25mm. Right Handed. Blade Compensation.
Saddle  2014-01-09  Id:185  ChrisAlsopGuitar  Tricone Resonator Guiar

Price on Application

Ebony Guitar Nut and Saddle

Saddle height slightly lower due to under saddle pickup
Length 43mm. Width 5.0mm. Height In Middle 9.0mm. Radius 18 inches. Length (Saddle) 75mm. Width 2.9mm. Height 7.5mm.
Nut & Saddle  2013-12-27  Id:179  ChrisAlsopGuitar  

Current Price: £39.20

Gypsy Guitar Saddle in Bone

Length 80mm. Width 2mm. Height In Middle 8mm. Radius 16 inches. Height Change low E to high E 1.5mm. Right Handed.
Saddle  2013-12-27  Id:184  ChrisAlsopGuitar  Gypsy Guitar

Current Price: £24.39

Bone Guitar Saddle with overhang on B String

Length 80.2mm. Width 3.35mm. Height In Middle 8.0mm. Right Handed.
Saddle  2013-12-04  Id:175  ChrisAlsopGuitar  

Current Price: £38.49

Worn Martin Saddle Copied in Bone

Length 74mm. Width 2.5mm. Height In Middle 8.1mm.
Saddle  2013-11-07  Id:180  Martin  

Current Price: £32.99

Integrated Saddle Copy in bone

The original saddle had been badly damaged due to string wear. A new saddle in bone was manufactued to the same dimensions. It is important that the dimensions of the castellated part of the saddle (the teeth at the base of the saddle) remains the same to ensure a good fit with the pickup.
Length 75.8mm. Width 2.3mm.
Saddle  2013-11-06  Id:173  Takamine  G-Series

Current Price: £38.00

Saddle Copy on Zero Fret Guitar with nut copy and custom pins

Length 70.35mm. Width 2.4mm. Height In Middle 6.5mm. Right Handed.
Saddle, Nut & Pin  2013-10-29  Id:171  ChrisAlsopGuitar  Zero Fret Guitar

Current Price: £38.49

Martin Saddle and Compensated Nut Blank

Length 50mm. Width 6.0mm. Height In Middle 9.0mm. Radius 16 inches. Right Handed. Length (Saddle) 74mm. Width 2.6.0mm. Height 8mm.
Nut & Saddle  2013-07-13  Id:183  Martin  

Current Price: £62.89


The sloping sides are similar to a long (or through) Martin saddle. The ends are be shaped to the customer requirements.
Saddle  2013-05-23  Id:78  Slingerland  Maybell Palour

Current Price: £26.99


Saddle  2012-07-03  Id:117  Yamaha  APX700

Current Price: £29.62


Saddle  2012-07-02  Id:51  Faith  Mercury Palour

Current Price: £38.49

192 Photos Found.

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